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This page is currently under construction.  Please use the resources listed below, however, to conduct searches for scholarships that you may qualify for.

College Board
The Columbus Foundation
Center for Student Opportunity

Alpha Rho Lambda Scholarship Program: All applicants must be a graduating senior, and will be selected based on community service and social engagement.  The recipient will receive a one-time award of up to $2,500.  Apply by March 29, 2013

The Links Inc., Twin Rivers Chapter, is an organization of women of African Descent linked in friendship and committed to improving the lives of others.  Their mission is to enrich the lives of families through the arts, social service and health improvement programming.  They have founded a scholarship worth up to $2,500 in recognition of their Chapter's co-organizers, Jeanne L. Bowen and Eleanor DeLoache Brown.

Get Financial Aid Tips for CCS seniors from your guidance counselors

We also encourage you to look at the web site of the colleges you are interested in attending, planning to attend or currently attending for college sponsored scholarships.

Click Here for some tips on completing your scholarship applications.

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